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There are 3 types of Sms Gateways according to us for sending Bulk Sms.
Feature: Bulk SMS push SMS streaming SMS Hub
Gateway connection SMSC connected to carriers Connected directly to the carrier. Client - Bulk SMS Hub - Carrier
Clients will be provided with .EXE file and a URL for reporting. We require a public IP address.
Clients will be provided with an API which will allow for sending of bulk SMS via HTTP. A DLL component will accompany the API with which clients could customize their solution (example: a VB application can be built to send SMS) Yes
Streaming is the conventional steady stream of messages connected via HTTP or SMPP and includes SMPP 3.4, HTTP or HTML form packets

Blast is a file-based service for sending batches of messages to a large audience
- Web up-loads
- General message    to all recipients
- Personalized   message to each   recipient
SMPP: SMPP 3.4 ** Available SMPP 3.4
UCP No ** Available No
XML Yes, as an ASP page ** Available No
Managed sends
Client provides database NO spam
Yes No FTP, web-upload and blast file formats - personalized or general messages
Throughput 2 Windows servers 20 SMS/sec/server
1 X Linux server 40 SMS/sec
** 8-40 SMS/Sec 5 SMS/Sec
Reporting: Consolidated report.
- SWIFT server   acceptance
- SMSC submission
- Mobile delivery
- Failure
- Message tracker   for mobile number
** Available Deliver Receipts:
- Delivered
- Pending
- Failed
Sender ID Alpha Numeric sender ID (Depends on the terminal) ** Alpha Numeric sender ID (Originating number) Alphanumeric Sender Id (Originating Number / OACD)
Types of messages: Text
Ring tones
UNICODE 100% Arabic character set, Chinese, Greek etc.
** Text
7 & 8-bit messages
Ring tones
UNICODE (70 characters only)**
Text messages
Flash SMS
Ring tones
Arabic Unicode tested, others possible.
Binary characters
EMS and MMS Yes Contact form No No
2-Way SMS No ** Available No
Short codes Display only ** Available Yes
Minimum volume 10,000 500,000 250,000
Test account Available - .EXE file + User ID, Password will be supplied Available - the API, DLL, User Name and ID will be provided to clients during the testing phase. Test credits will be negotiated on a case-to-case basis. Available

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